Trauma Counseling

Unsure of what you’re experiencing

Like many of our clients you are likely questioning if what you are experiencing is trauma. Many people have reactions to the word alone thinking it must mean something really bad has happened to you…..

When in fact trauma is simply a distressing event that your body and brain did not have the capacity to handle….for whatever reason.Could it be that something horrible has happened to you? Sure. But it doesn’t have to be.

So what is trauma?

So what exactly is trauma you ask? Everything.

You see one person can experience many different events as traumatic. Sure there are “big T” traumas like war, assault, childhood abuse and sexual abuse for example but there are also “little t” traumas like witnessing your mother be verbally abused by your father or seeing a car accident on your way to work or living everyday with chronic pain.

Because we are all unique individuals with unique past experiences what may be traumatic for you may not be for me. So defining trauma isn’t always as easy as you would think.

Symptoms of trauma

We encourage you to focus not on the word but on the symptoms. Often times our clients struggle to label what they have but they can easily identify what they feel or experience. Take a look at the list below and see if this is you.

Our clients come to us experiencing a variety of symptoms such as the following:

  • Anxiety/feeling on edge
  • Sleeping Issues including nightmares
  • Anger/Rage Issues
  • Constant feelings of sadness
  • Struggling to be present in their lives
  • Avoiding people/places/events
  • Chronic Pain
  • Relationship Issues
  • & More

All of these could be a sign of trauma.

How can we help?

Our therapists are trained to recognize trauma and help you find the treatment that is best for you. We have worked with hundreds of clients just like you and have helped them get lasting relief and create life changes to find what truly makes them heal and be happy.