Common Questions

Common Questions you may have

How do I know if I need counseling? 
Honestly most people can benefit from counseling! If you have any area of your life that feels a little off that is a great place to start exploring. Some people come to counseling because they are struggling with massive anxiety and other people come because a recent life event has thrown them for a loop. If you are unsure if you would benefit we encourage you to just reach out and ask us some questions.

What happens at my first session?
Your first visit you will be going over your completed intake and providing your therapist with any other relevant history that is needed to begin counseling. It is recommend that you come prepared with the most recent things that prompted you to seek counseling. We can start there. Other things will come out as needed as we begin our work together.

Do I have to come to therapy every week? 
We prefer that you are committed to attending weekly appointments until either you or your therapist believe it is no longer necessary. We find weekly appointments for at least 6-12 sessions enable us to make progress quicker, address your goals quicker, and to not waste precious time each session “catching up”. If weekly sessions simply do not work for your needs you are welcome to discuss this with your therapist.

What happens if I need to cancel? 
We refer you to check out our cancellation policy located here.

How do I know which therapist is the best fit for me? 
I would be glad to set you up a free 10-15 minute consult call with me to make sure I am best suited for your needs.

What are your rates? 
Please visit our rates page under the get started tab to learn more or visit the Meet Allie page for rate information.

How long will I be in therapy? 
This depends entirely on your needs, presenting issues, work done, weekly versus biweekly session etc. There are more variables to length of therapy than we have space to answer this question. On average most clients work with a therapist 4-6 months however some are much shorter and some are much longer as it is individualized to your needs.

Do you offer sliding scale/reduced fee appointments? 
I offer limited reduced fee appointments, however these fill up quickly. I encourage you to email me to determine if I currently have any open reduced fee spots.

If you need a question answered that isn’t answered above please reach out to us and we are glad to answer it.